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By David M. Frankel

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Podcast that shares the story of invention, Entrepreneurship and business ownership. We learn about the “Why” each business owner started their business, what mistakes they have made along the way as well as what they have learned from those mistakes. Many business owners will also share a success story that really ignites why they do what they do. Tune in and enjoy these great stories from the backbone of America, business owners.

My business, Perky, LLC is a clothing innovation company that brings products to market that solve clothing related problems.

Interview with Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, Founder, President, & CEO of Profound Impact Corporation

Interview with Sachin Jhangiani, Co-Founder & CMO of Elevate Money

Interview with Mohit Tater, Founder & CEO of Blackbook Investments

Interview with Justin Beals, Co-Founder &
CEO of Strike Graph

Interview with Gil Bar-Lev, Founder & CEO of

Interview with Kalvin Vitalis, Co-Founder of

Interview with Alex Rinehart, Founder of Arcs

Interview with Michael Teape, Founder & Lead Training Consultant of Teape Trainging International

Interview with James Fair, SVP of Operations at

Interview with Jeff Sauer, Founder & CEO of Data
Driven U

Interview with George Breiwa, Founder of

Interview with Nathan Labenz, Founder of

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